DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

India Mahal...

I had lunch with Richard and Jay today at Piper's, and I had my long-longed for Pimento Cheese Sandwich, which was everything I dreamed it would be. Jay and I got in a good belly laugh, which seems to happen at least once every time we get together. This one was regarding that Internet clip that's going around about the guy who plays piano with his balls. I was saying how I didn't think it was real, and Jay asked me how it was filmed. I started describing it to him and got to the part that said, "Well there's a camera on him playing, and then in the background, a guy with a camera comes into the scene, and it's obvious he's filming him from a different angle for the close ups. It's like in the porn movies when the guy is masturbating, and then another cameraman comes into the scene and you know as soon as the guy cums, you're going to see a reply, close-up, of the cum shot filmed by that other guy." You could just see we both knew exactly what I was talking about only too well. And we were both cracking up way before I finished the description. I even got a pig snort out of Jay, which is always my goal.

Robert came over after work, and we went to India Mahal for dinner with the intention of using a coupon that Mary gave me from her Entertainment Coupon Book. However, once there, we were enticed by the buffet, which was only $9.95 a piece and got that. I absolutely love their Tandoori chicken there, and ate most of that for my "meat choice." Also, as usual, I devoured the bread choices, with some of the cool cucumber dip and the super hot is it cabbage and onion? Something with onion. Yum. I was hesitant about one of the desserts, as it looked to potentially be "wet bread," which grosses me out, but it turned out to be quite yummy.

At home, we played Zuma, read some, and did a bitch of a crossword puzzle that we didn't complete, although did get close.

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