DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Taking stock...

I had the filling from hell today. I got so many shots of novocaine, and still could feel the work almost to the end. I love my dentist, however. She is so compassionate. After the last two novo blasts, she said, "Probably in about an hour the whole side of your face will be blown up and your tongue will be huge." I got back to the office, waiting for the worse, but it never happen. In fact, all I felt was the novocaine wearing off and the pain of the shots back there. Oh well. It's done.

Cassandra and I had a very productive conference call today for our weekly Security TIGR meeting. Randy's pre-ISO Audit meeting with the ITIM team was good in spite of its two-hour length. Mel called me into his office this afternoon and asked me what I thought of the possibility of writing again as opposed to doing ISO/Process work. I told him that I thought that would be a very bad move both for the IBM business and for my personal job satisfaction, but that if it was between that and being unemployed, I'd do it.

I am a two-stepping and line-dancing fool! I dance every Wednesday night, and on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Flex. We dance to country music, for the most part, but do a few dances to non-country songs. I started dancing in February of 2002, and I've learned over 30 line dances to date, along with almost 10 partner dances.

Line Dances I've Learned So Far

Georgia Winder
Midnight Waltz
Boot Scoot Boogie
All Shook Up
Bayou City Twister
Bootie Call
Mambo Shuffle
Walk the Line
Canadian Stomp
Bar Room Romeo
Rose Garden
Watermelon Crawl
Tush Push
"Janet Jackson Dance"
Hanky Spanky
Backstreet Attitude
Cimarron Shuffle
Annie's Cha-Cha
"Pink Song Dance"
Tall Tall Trees
Crotch Rot
Circle Jerk
Tahoe Twist
Reggae Cowboy
Ooh! Ah!
Honky-Tonk Twist
The Train

Partner Dances I've Learned So Far

East Coast Swing (Very Limited)
Shadow Dance
California Bump
Barn Dance
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Cowboy Cha-Cha


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