DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

And then there were four...

Uneventful work day.

I stopped to vote on the way home. It's scary how little I know about our democratic process. When I said something at lunch about "just pulling the democrat lever," she said something like, "You don't have to worry about that today; it's the primary."

While in the voting booth, I got a little annoyed that the names didn't say which party they were affiliated with. Just before stepping out to ask if they had a sheet indicating this that I could take a look at, I noted at the top of the ballot, "Democratic Primary." Duh. This is the Democratic Primary; they are all democrats. That's what Janet met.

This got me to wondering, "Do only registered democrats vote in the democratic primary?" Then I remembered that Robert was registered as an Independent, but he got to vote, so that must not be the case. Can only independents and democrats vote then? It seems like if Republicans can vote, then of course they'd vote for the candidate most likely to lose against the Republican candidate. Yet if they can't vote, that seems exclusionary.

And I can't recall hearing about a "Republican Primary," though there must be one.

Oh well. I voted for the candidates I recognized from the NC Equality recommendation list, the Superintendent that Steve recommended, and then just chose the women (where there was a choice of one) for the ones I didn't know. I believe one seat had three women to choose from, to which I just randomly selected one.

There's got to be a better way. Oh well. At least I voted, and I put an "I Voted" sticker on my shirt when I left.

[Talked through this with Robert after posting it, and we worked out that it's "The Primaries." Registered democrats get to vote the democratic primary ballot, registered republicans get to vote the republican primary ballot, and independents get to choose one or the other. At least that's what we think now.]

Wayne and I arrived to the TCW Board meeting at the same time. Arthur and Robert were already there. Me, Robert, and Wayne all had the "I Voted" stickers on. At about 5 after 7 we called Chris, and he said he'd be there shortly. He and Jessica arrived at the same time, probably at about 7:20.

At the end of Chris' Communications Update agenda item, he submitted his resignation. It was really heartfelt; his voice was trembling a little when he talked about it. It's now down to me, Jan (on hiatus until October), Robert, and Wayne.

At the end of the meeting, Jessica told us that she is throwing her hat into the Crape Myrtle "ring" for next year, so she won't be joining TCW after her stint at the Guild as we had hoped.

Not an encouraging night.

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