DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Ma Vie En Rose again...

I finished up the ITIM ISO pre-audit review with Dana a little after 11, and sent Mel a Sametime around 12:30 that I had been fighting a cold all week, and was going to go home and get some rest after lunch. He was cool with it.

Before I left, Steve called me. "Honey, what did you do to David last night?" As it turned out, David was devastated when he came out of the bathroom and found us gone. He thought we didn't like him, nobody likes him, etc., and went on and on about it in a 3AM telephone call to Steve. DRAMA.

Robert came over after work, and we went to Chargrill for dinner. Yum.

Back at the house, we watched Ma Vie En Rose together, had some of that delicious Kettle Corn, and then did a crossword puzzle in bed.

Life is good.

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