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Reconnecting with Will...

I met Will for breakfast at 9:30 at the Carolina Bakery at Cameron Village. We had such a great chat, and it was really nice to reconnect with "the old Will." He has decided to do the MS 150 in September, which is very exciting. He wanted me to share all that I had learned about my Tour de Friends ride last year, which was flattering.

A couple of "gems" from the conversation: (1) He referred to the time in the last year that he had announced that he was straight as "the time I went back in the closet," which I was glad to hear. (2) I pointed out to him that if he could walk back from the beach in P-Town, he could certainly do this ride. He thought that was the most profound thing I had said all morning.

I offered to send him our training ride routes in case they can use them for their training, and I hope I can even join them on a couple of them.

BTW -- since it is always all about the food, I had a delicious bacon, cheese, and sage sausage wrap to eat. Yummy!

From there, I went over to Target and bought the Graco MacKenzie LiteRider 300 Travel System, which was on their list in the gift registry. I actually found her name in the registry, even though I didn't know the father's name, and they actually registered at a store in Maryland. Gotta love technology. I had trouble finding the exact item, as there were so many Graco things that looked alike. I got a clerk to help me.

In the car, at the light getting back on 70, I realized that I had not given the checkout clerk the registry to scan to mark off the item as "fulfilled." Since it was such a big item, I thought, "I'd better go back and take care of that," which I did. She was busy with another customer, but took the registry printout, set it by the cash register, and said, "I'll take care of it as soon as I get a free minute."

From there, I stopped by the Factory Card Outlet, and bought 16 cards, for upcoming birthdays, a house-warming, a couple of "just because" cards, and a sympathy card for Kitty. A little over $10.00. If I'd've gotten those at Hallmark or even at Wal-Mart it would have been close to $50. I love that card shop.

I was going to stop and get my haircut after this, but decided that it was okay for now, and made a mental note to consider going on Tuesday, when the haircuts are all $10 instead of $12.

I watched the movie "The Women," the last of the 3 "gay education" movies I have been assigned to watch by Van and Adam. Being in the closet for 35 years, I have not seen many of the movies that gay men all over the world can quote countless lines from. This movie really didn't "work" for me, and several times, I was on the verge of stopping it. I did finish it though. It was way too gossipy, and the women talked so fast in parts of it, especially at the beginning until I got used to it, that I really missed several of the lines. I thought, "And I'm from the north. I can't imagine most southerners understanding a word of it." I really did enjoy watching Joan Crawford in action, and I could see how she had potential to become all that she has over the years.

Movie synopsis: A no-holds-barred comedy about the eternal battle of the sexes (both inter- and intragender) and starring Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer, THE WOMEN is based on the play by Clare Boothe Luce and is set in high-society 1930s New York. Although no men appear in the film, they are its primary subject matter--cheating men, in particular--and hell hath no fury like a group of women scorned....!

I spent entirely too much of the day playing Zuma, for which I paid later in the evening. I couldn't fall asleep for seeing the "Zuma balls" over and over in my mind. Churning. Churning. Forcing myself to visualize something else from my day. More churning. Zuma balls. That's ridiculous. I've got to wean myself off that game.

I went out to Flex at about 11. It was Leather Night, and quite a good crowd, though not a "new" one -- for the most part. I spent some time talking with Loren and Chris, and eventually walked over to CCs with them.

I spent a lot of time talking with Alan and Gordon there. We talked about the notion of (Alan) asking David F. about having a country night at CCs, potentially on Thursdays. We talked about whether we should ask Adam if he would be interested in doing another night, or to ask David first and tell him that we'd like Adam to have "first dibs" as our DJ. I don't know that we decided anything.

I left there way too late at about 2:30, 2:45.

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