DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Breakfast with Donna and Vince...

I met Donna and Vince for breakfast at Courtney's. I haven't seen Vince in almost ten years, we calculated. His goatee is gray. I had French Toast for breakfast, which was yummy, and they each had "the Atkins special."

At home, I finished the TCW minutes, and played too many games of Zuma. Robert laid out for a short while, but it was too hot out there.

Robert cleaned house for me -- sweet man! He worked on a crossword puzzle, and I helped with the last couple of answers. I took a short nap. He played a game or two of Zuma. And when I laid down for a quick couple of winks, he headed back to Chapel Hill.

I watched The Little Foxes, which Van and Adam loaned me a couple of weeks ago. This is one of those films that almost all gay men have seen, and I need to see it to "keep my card." I've never seen Bette Davis in a movie "in her heyday," and that upsets a lot of gay men. :-)

Movie synopsis:An esteemed film adaptation of Lillian Hellman's play involving the corrupt machinations of a wealthy Southern family. Vicious queen bee Regina Giddens and her two greedy brothers scheme mercilessly in their attempt to make a fortune on a new cotton mill. In the process Regina is more than willing to crush anyone who stands in their way -- including her own husband.

I worked on Day 2 of the TdF section of my web page, and played some more Zuma. Very addictive.

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