DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Five for Five...

We slept in this morning. Robert served me breakfast in bed! Sweet! I had a bagel and a hard boiled egg, and some coffee.

Mom called to say that she had called Mike about joining them at the VFW or the Moose for their cookout that afternoon. He accepted. She'll give me a report later. I fear this is a disaster waiting to happen. I hope I'm wrong.

We left for Spring Hope at about 1:00. It was way the hell out, but we arrived in a cute little town, and a huge, lovely home. Michael and Terry's place was beautifully decorated, and the party was fun -- good people and good food.

There was a message from mom that everything had gone great -- like there was never a 10-year gap in talking to each other. I'm surprised, but pleased. I hope it's the beginning of some repair. I need to get back to Jacksonville and see him.

Joe called at about 8:00, and we agreed to meet at Flex at 9:30. After a bit, we got the pool table, and played two or three games of pool, eventually giving it up to Walter and a friend of his.

Patrick was there, and was talking with a friend of his, Mike. We walked up to the, but it was a little awkward in that he (Patrick) didn't hug Joe or anything, just said hi. Eventually, we all ended up talking, and heading over to Legends at about 11:15.

Robert joined us at Legends, and we watched the drag show. That one guy that does Reba performed, and did Reba's latest, I think "Somebody" is the name of it.

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