DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The bars -- fourth day in a row...

We slept in today, and had an omelet breakfast with a bagel and two bananas. It didn't look pretty, but it tasted pretty good.

At about 3:00, we headed out to that Western store out toward Clayton, with the plan of having lunch at White Swan's in Clayton. We decided to eat first, and when we finally found the place, it was closed for the 4th of July, on the 3rd of July. Who knew?

We headed back to the Western store, and passed a Shiny Diner, at which we stopped for lunch. I had a club sandwich, and Robert had BLT. We both had fries and a cucumber salad as our sides. The fries were not hot.

We shopped a little while for boots, and I ended up buying a pair (of black ones that lace), and Robert ended up not buying any as the pair(s) that fit were upwards of $200.00. Too expensive.

Once home, we took a nap, and then headed out to Flex at about 8:00. Several "bears" were there with a huge spread for Gary's birthday. I had some chip snacks, and a "spiral roll" with some ham on it, and a piece of birthday cake.

Tony (the rugby guy) was there when we first arrived, and he offered to buy both Robert and I a drink "in celebration of Pride," even though it's not Pride around here. He had just come from S.F., where it was Pride. When he asked us if we wanted a drink, I said, "Yes, bourbon and coke," and Robert said, "Yes, a Miller Lite."

"No, do you want a drink?" He kept asking him over and over, and it was confusing because at first it sounded like he was offering to buy, but then it didn't, it was just weird. Finally, we figured out that he didn't consider a beer "a drink," he meant a mixed drink.

There were no dancers there until after 9:00. Then a few came. There weren't that many there overall, and Carl and I ended up doing a couple of dances alone, as those who were there didn't know them.

Missy showed up eventually, and did her tripping around the dance floor. When Adam asked us what we wanted to hear for the last two dances, she tried to put her two cents worth in, and we tried our best to ignore her. Hate to be like that, but she just doesn't get it.

We danced until about 11, and then we all went over to CC's. It was quite festive there, and when Toxic came on, Carl and I actually did MLD to it! It was hard to see because the strobe light was on, and we kicked each other several times.

They didn't open the Piano Bar for some reason. Actually, though I said I ran into Rob last night, I think it may have been tonight that I ran into him, and mentioned the shower to him. I don't know. It's all a blur. Too many nights at the bar.

We stopped at Snoopy's on the way home. Robert and I each had a hot dog, and split some fries and a drink.

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