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Day 3 in a row at the bars...

I had a 30-minute meeting with Joy D. today and went over the GLBT module stuff with her. Always a pleasure interacting with her.

I met Jay and Richard for lunch at Danny's BBQ, and it's always fun embarrassing Richard talking about sex. There were some hot men in that place, surprisingly enough. All three of us boy-watched, of course.

I had a very brief meeting with Dana D. today, meeting her for the first time. Not what I suspected, but I suspect will be "okay." We have a four three-hour meeting Tuesday afternoon, and another one Wednesday afternoon. Small consolation, I guess, for not having a Monday meeting this week. Independence day, indeed.

I picked Joe up at the airport at about 5:30. I circled twice until he came out. I was glad to see him. He was glad to be back in Raleigh.

I got to CUCC at about 7:15 to set up for Games Night. Robert arrived later. It was a fun night, much more crowded than I thought it would be, and people actually gave donations without my having to ask, which I hate to do.

I played a couple of games of Catch Phrase, and then me, Robert (handsome), Brian (cutie), and Kevin (foster dad) played a real fun game of Spades.

At 11:15, I announced that I had to leave by 11:30, and the two remaining games started winding down.

Robert and I met Joe out at CC's. We watched the 12:30 drag, which was "okay." I saw Rob and told him that I'd been invited to Dawn's shower, and his comment back was, "I haven't been invited yet." Strange. He probably just hasn't checked his mail.

Robert left somewhat abruptly, and I left a few minutes after that. Just outside the door, he hailed me from across the street, where he was eating a hot dog. "Just had to get out of there," he said.



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