DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Welcome to July...

I had my six-months cleaning and exam today at the dentist. The Govers were on vacation, so Dr. Pleasants was in. He is my least favorite dentist, a cap-happy dentist. I remember, when Donna and I used to go there together, she saw Pleasants and I saw Averette. After she got about 3 or 4 crowns, I had to see him because Averette was out and he recommended I get two crowns! Averette had never mentioned the need. I'm suspicious of him.

I got to use my favorite line when I got to work. "I just came from the dentist. My teeth are so clean I could eat off 'em." Love that. God keep me from becoming my father, and his brother, and telling the same old jokes.

At lunchtime, I bought a piece of banana bread to have as a mid-afternoon snack with some cawfee. At about 3:00, I reached for it only to find a line of mold along the bottom of it. Gross! And I thought they baked those things fresh daily. Yeah, right.

We had our GLBT Education Module rehearsal meeting during lunch today, which was attended by Ken, Joe, Julie, and Kevin. Kevin rode over with me. He brought up a couple of good points from a "straight" person's and a manager's point of view. He's good people, and I'm glad he's involved with EAGLE and with this endeavor.

I took a nap from 9-10:30, and went to Flex from 11-12:30. Trixie hosted the show, so as usual, I left as soon as she referred to the audience as "you motherfuckers." I hate that.

Ross was on his way out when I was on my way in, and we exchanged a hello. Mark Z. was there with some boys (no surprise) who were soliciting for voter registration, which was great. Chris spoke to me once or twice, which is amazing since he never even usually acknowledges me unless I'm with Steve. I like him, though.

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