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I posted my journal entry from yesterday in the EAGLE Discussion database, and got some interesting, fun responses:



This recalls my visits to the optician.

I always find that 'invasion' of personal space makes me close to either bursting out laughing or wanting to kiss the optician!!!

I always have to calm myself & anticipate it happening before going in! LOL!

So far so good - I've managed to control myself!


The same thing has sort of happened with my dentist, my old one retired earlier this year, only to be replaced with a tall, handsome, blond hair, blue eyed Adonis!

One of the girls I work with was booked in to see him just after me, when she asked what he was like, I said "bloody gorgeous!", well I was coming out of the hygienists room as she came down the stairs saying "you were not wrong" as she fanned herself!!

PS, my recent uptake in eating more sweets has got nothing to do with trying to ensure I need more dental work!


My chiropractor, too

I had a beautiful chiropractor when I lived in Tampa a few years ago - about 6'2" tall, very dark and handsome with - I guess I'd have to say "smoldering features" - based on his Italian/Cuban background - dark, nearly black eyes - tousled black hair with a slight wave. If you saw him on the street, your brain would say "gorgeous bad boy - possibly a biker."

And oh yes, as many chiropractors do - he spent a lot of time developing his upper body strength for making spinal adjustments. He had that enviable V torso going on.

And he used to volunteer his services to help people afflicted with MS - at no cost.

And treated poor patients for what they could afford to pay.

And he was gay.

Ever seen the curly-haired girl Frieda in the Peanuts comics strip? She had a boneless cat named Faron that was always draped over her arms.

That was pretty much me - only able to form simple words during my visits - and trying not to slide off the table into a puddle on the floor.

Thanks for reviving such a nice memory, John.



All my doctors are like grandparents. I'm talking, very OLD, cuban women or men. Think 90 and thick accents. =/


Hurumphh too.....

I think I need to get myself to the doctors a bit more often............ I'm obviously just not going enough (like once in a blue moon) !!


Not just hot eye doctors...

I always feel a charge when I am getting my eye doctor. (That was a typo - but such a brilliant Freudian Slip that I decided to leave it). I meant my eye exam.

My eye doctor has been the same since I was 6 years old.

He is attractive - but in no way hot.

It never fails, the combination of his smell (I can smell him right now - it's very distinct, aftershave and "him") , the closeness of our faces, the touching of knees; elicits a chemical reaction in me.

I agree with you John - being gay is sooo a matter of biology. I notice it most in those moments, or in the fraction of a second before you realize that you are about to be kissed.





Last night I told you my eyes doctor did not have any effect on me... As Maribel says: OLD doctor (I used to hang out with his sons). But I just remembered a good example of that chemical reaction you describe.

My dentist! She's in her middle 40s (I'm in my middle 30s). She has these BEAUTIFUL green eyes. I could see her gray hair covered with hair dye. I can't remember her smell, but I'm sure it was nice. After about 1 or 2 months of getting rid of my cavities (yuck!), I had to say so long... I almost cried during the last appointment ='(

Lucky me she's my daughters dentist too. And Julia (daughter) will need braces soon. =)



Warning: posting against my own post again

I've loved the stories generated here by professionals about their appointments with other professionals like doctors and dentists. Thanks for sharing. :-) I had this conversation a moment ago with a Lesbian friend of mine. TOO FUNNY!

Me i have something for you to read real quick:
Janet k
Me http://www.livejournal.com/users/dailyafirmation/2004/06/29/
Janet is that your journal?
Me yes
Janet he sounds like my eye doctor, Anthony Clarke
Janet Clarke is so good looking even I get palpitations
Janet he's also got a pile of kids
Me 7
Me you see him too?
Janet same guy?
Me yes Dr. Clarke
Me at triangle vision
Me on 54
Janet that's the one!
Me that's who this story is about
Me !!!
Me god he's beautiful
Janet he told me I had beautiful eyes while he was staring through his instrument :)
Me omg
Janet That he liked the swirl of green and blue in my irises
Me bless my mess
Janet i understand completely!
Me cool!
Janet his wife is not nearly so good looking, but she's well groomed

I think it's beautiful that she ended with an assessment of his wife.


I met with Pat C., the new TIGR in Kendall's group, and went over "what I do." It felt quite good when I was through -- "Hey! I do a lot!" :-) And she was very grateful.

I attended an Alan roundtable with the Privacy Manager team today. It was long, but interesting. It was scheduled for an hour and after 1 hour and 45 minutes, when Alan asked, "So what other thoughts are on your mind?" I responded, "My thought is that the cafeteria closes in 10 minutes."

It was funny, because on our way out, I had a document that Cassandra wanted me to give him, and I stuck it out saying, "I feel a little bit like I'm delivering a subpoena; it's from Cassandra," and I stuck out my hand with the paper in it. He darted out of the conference room and down the hall, which made several people laugh out loud.

Cassandra and I had our weekly call at 3:00 (instead of 11:00) today, and it was a good meeting. That Austin team is a mess! Thank God she is handling it with Lila!

Robert and I had a Tuna Parmesan Casserole for dinner, which was quite yummy. We took a 1.5 hour nap before dancing. Well, I took a 1.5 hour nap; he took a .5 hour nap, as he couldn't fall asleep with the base pounding through the walls from next door. Grrrrrrrr!

Dancing was a blast, as usual. Missy showed up and hounded Steven a lot of the night, poor guy. We joked that it was his turn, but really it's not funny at all, especially when it's happening to you.

I had a sweet, loving slow dance with Robert, which warmed my heart. At home, we MMMMMMMMMMMMed, and it was MMMMMMMy. Life is good.

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