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Who knew? The two of us on the west coast...

I had a great day at work today. Casey and I finished going through the installation of IBM DB2 and IBM Directory Server in a clustering environment. Tomorrow we are all ready to start on the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager installation, complete with screen shots. It's a real pleasure working with Casey. He is a sharp little fucker, and has a great "sense of human." (sic) We had a lot of laughs, while still learning, and getting our work done. Bonus! Right before leaving, I found out that it's his birthday tomorrow. 24. "Who's your daddy; who's your daddy?"

While we were waiting for some parts of the installation to run, he talked about the fact that his dad owns a printing company, and how in "the old days" (back when I was his age, the little shit), they had this huge machine with three cases of fonts that dropped down as you typed a sentence. Then you pressed a lever, that essentially was the "enter" key, and it "spilled" the letters into another section, where hot lead was poured over them to "cast" the sentence. It was very interesting, and one of those, "whew, thank God for technology" thoughts as I, today, "create HTML output" and "PDFs" for our publications.

Before leaving work, I checked the "flight progress" of Steve's flight on-line. It said he was landing at 7:50 (his itinerary said 8:15). I high-tailed it back to the hotel, put my briefcase and laptop down, and left for the LAX airport -- at around 6:15. The traffic was horrendous. On the way there, I called mom and dad. They were amazed at what a clear signal we had -- on a cell phone, and me on the other side of the country. Also, I passed (what I think was) a church that was lit up with a million lights. It really looked like a casino, which I found a tiny bit ironic. Across the front of it, lit up in little white lights, of course, were the words, "Happy Birthday, Jesus." (Though, I don't think they had a comma before Jesus.)

I was thinking on the way, too, who knew that a year and a half ago when I first talked to Steve (on Will's phone, while Steve was in the shower) that we'd someday be spending some time together on the west coast.

I ended up getting to the airport at about 7:30. The entrance to that airport is just awesome! The parking was so easy -- much easier than parking at RDU. I parked right across from Terminal 1, which is the US Airways terminal, crossed the street, and I was in the baggage claim area!

I checked the monitor, and it said, "Schedule Arrival Time: 8:14; Actual Arrival Time: 8:19." Around 8:00, the Actual Arrival Time changed to: "In Range." At 8:14, it changed to "On Ground." Steve was surprised, and delighted, to see me in the baggage claim area. Right before he came in, this totally hot guy with a ball cap on, and a goatee, came in, and I thought, "How hot is that! As soon as Steve came in, he said, "There were some hot men on that plane." I said, "I know one of them." He said, "Does he have a ball cap on? Goatee?" We have the same taste in men.

We debated while waiting for his luggage about whether to go out (to a club) in N. Hollywood or W. Hollywood. I suggested not, but we went back and forth on it, and finally decided to just head back to Irvine, stop to get something to eat on the way, and firm up our plans for the weekend while we ate.

That worked out great, as it was already going on 10:00 when we got back in town. We ate at Chili's and made our plans. Thank goodness we're both "SJ's." We quickly came to agreement on an itinerary.

After dinner, we stopped in an Albertson's grocery store and picked up some Nyquil for Steve. Back at the room, he unpacked, while I logged on, and checked out a few places for him to "explore" tomorrow while I'm at work.

While I was "surfing," Steve turned the TV on, and stopped at this channel with this grandmother-type woman taking a call and saying the word, "penis." Steve said, "Oh! I think this is that Dr. Ruth-like woman. Listen to this!" We proceeded to listen to the question of the caller, saying that when his girlfriend gives him oral sex, this liquid forms at the head of his penis, and asking what it was. She immediately answers, "That's lubrication! When you get aroused that forms there; it's precum!" As she's answering this, she picks up this big fat dildo that's a replica of a penis, and she's rubbing it close to her lips. We were dying. It's very funny hearing these things come out of this octogenarianish mouth.

After a couple of more outlandish calls, she takes this packaged item, and starts ripping the plastic off it. She says, "This dildo is a great dildo, and has been nicknamed "Nasty Nickie" by our staff. Everyone has tested it and agrees..." She talked about how flexible it was, and explained the difference between a vibrator and a dildo. She then tried to "stand it up" on the desk, but it kept bending, and then falling over. What a trip.

I can't believe all I'm missing by not owning a television.

Steve took a shower. I didn't.

Steve snored. I didn't. (But not bad; he didn't keep me awake.)

I'm glad he's here.

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