DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Good meeting!

As usual, my Monday morning was consumed preparing for my 1:00 meeting, which Alan attended today. It was a really good meeting, and it was nice to have him engaged again. He brought up some good things to think about with regards to our "effectiveness analysis" work, both in terms of corrective and preventive actions, and processes. And at the end of the meeting, he said, "Thank you. This is good work."

I don't think he has any idea about how motivating and rewarding it is to hear him say little things like that. He should be more generous with them. I should tell him that. He's in Raleigh this week. I may just do that.

I sent an e-mail to Art Stone's law firm today asking him how much he'd charge to update my will and my health care power of attorney. I managed to read through them on the plane, and only need to change a couple of the names in them. I know it would be cheaper to take them back to the place that did them, but I would rather give my business to a "gay owned" business.

To my delight, I see that I have been listed as a "friend" to my friend zy1125, who has started journaling as a result of learning about my journal. Cool.

Rhonda and I had several laughs today. I can't wait for her to get my postcard. I hope it arrives today, so it's at home when she gets there.

I sent Robert and AIM message that said, "<whisper> I love you." with the "I love you" part being in teeny tiny font. Awwwh.

Late in the afternoon Mark stopped by to tell me how much he enjoyed my story. That was great, as it has been bothering me that he hadn't said anything about it, and just today, in fact, I was thinking that I should give him some feedback on that.

It's so rewarding to hear comments about the story such as his, which were that he had started reading it before a conference call that he was supposed to run, and when he was almost through with it, he noticed the time, and that he was late. "But I just had to finish it first," he said. Cool.

I also got some nice feedback from Jason C. about it.

I had sent a link to the story online to Candie a little earlier, and she'd said, "Make sure you let Alan see it. He likes that kind of stuff." So, when Mark handed me the magazine back, I said, "Would you please take it to Alan? He can read it at the hotel or on the plane back if he's so inclined." Actually I think he stays with his in-laws when he's here, and not at a hotel. Maybe not, maybe only when his wife joins him.

The traffic on I-40 was horrendous going home. There was a disabled vehicle on the side of the road, totally off the road just after the 2nd airport exit. Once we got past that, things totally opened up. Ridiculous. And frustrating.

I had plans of walking tonight, but after fixing some dinner, and starting two loads of laundry, it didn't happen. I made some updates to my home page -- a couple of broken links I'd found, and some other cosmetic type things.

I really need to do the TCW minutes. I took them to NYC to do, but that didn't happen. What was I thinking?

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