DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Good day all around...

Cassandra and I had a great meeting, finally getting it together on a Wednesday. She shared her frustration with the document control issues once again found on our favorite team! Grrrrrrr!

I ran Mary's Virtual PM/RM Meeting today, which went really well. The project managers were open to being "nudged" for the metrics on the new processes we're using to support the TPDM. After the meeting, I created the solicitation note, and sent it to them.

I stopped by the post office at RTP on the way home, and mailed my stories to Rebecca, and a $100 donation check to The Urban Hiker.

Once home, I made up the clam dip to go with pretzels later:

1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
8 oz. cream cheese
1 can minced clams

Robert arrived shortly after that. He didn't like the dip as much as I did, but ate it nonetheless. At one point he squeezed the dip between two pretzels, which were the square ones with holes in them, looking a little like a waffle. The cream cheese squeezed through the little holes. He said, "What does that remind you of?" It took me right back to a couple of scenes in "The Terminal," where Tom Hanks' character made "sandwiches" from free foodstuff in the airport terminal: Saltine crackers, mustard, catsup, and mayo from those little packs. He put the condiments between to crackers and squeezed them together making the condiments seep up through the little holes in the crackers. Obviously an impressionable scene as it occurred to both of us so quickly.

Robert took a nap, and I caught up my journal. livejournal.com has been really, really slow the past few days. It's getting very frustrating, taking two, three, four times longer to do something than it should. Annoying.

Dancing was a blast tonight. I brought two copies of the Urban Hiker with me, and set them out on the pool tables. Several of the dancers actually read my story. Cool. Missy wasn't there, and Andre returned after a semi-longtime hiatus.

At the end of the night, Adam played Harper Valley PTA. I lip-synced to it, and Carl, Michael, and Alan played "pips." It was too hysterical.

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