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Steve arrives tomorrow...

I had a good day at work today. I finished up the rebranding activities (for the most part) for the UNIX version of the installation guide. I'm all set to work with Casey tomorrow getting screen captures on the cluster installation on Windows.

I had planned to stay in tonight, and "clean up" and do laundry for Steve's arrival tomorrow, but the cleaning folks came today (instead of tomorrow as I had requested), so the place looks pretty good, and I really don't have that much laundry. Plus, Steve is the type who loves to be helpful, and I know it will make him feel good to do my laundry one day during the day while he's there. :-)

Instead, I drove up to Fullerton, to "In Cahoots," a Country & Western (straight) bar. The place was very hard to find. It was in a very sprawled shopping strip. I drove up and down the street (S. Lemon St.) looking for the address, but had the hardest time seeing addresses on the buildings, and ended up not having any luck. Finally, I just pulled into a bowling alley parking lot near where I thought it was and called them. It was right across the street from where I was.

The place was huge, several bars (three, I believe) in there, and a huge dance floor. I didn't do any two-stepping, but had fun listening to the music and people-watching. That cute cowboy that was at Crazy Horse when I was there a week ago, was here, too. He's cute, but seems very straight.

They had "blue light specials," on drinks during the night. One of the bars flashed one of those blue, cop-like lights and for two songs, they'd run a special. The first one was kamikaze shots for $1.00.

I really liked the DJ here, for several reasons: 1) he'd play maybe five or six songs for two-stepping, and then a set of five or six line dances, then two swing songs (one east coast, one west coast), and then start the mix again. He also did a set of songs like "Brick House," where people did "free-style" dancing. It was just a great mix of different kinds of music. 2) He would announce, like three-quarters of the way through, what the next song was going to be. This was especially cool for the line-dances, so I could start trying to figure out ahead of time which one it was. :-) Even with all the dances I know now, probably 20-25 of them, I was absolutely amazed at how many I didn't know tonight. I guess a lot of them are "regional" or "location-specific."

I got home around midnight, and made the mistake of turning that television on as I was getting ready for bed.

I'm, disturbingly, memerized by this evangelical TV station. Tonight that black preacher woman was on there again, doing all that mess with her mouth and lips. Tonight, though, she was walking around the audience "pouncing" on folks, really, putting her hand on their forehead. As soon as she touched them, they'd fall backwards freefall style and the people around them would catch them. Some of them would start writhing just as she approached them, before she even touched them. There was a lot of frenzy and fanaticism. The counters weren't doing too good, though. Available 69. Busy 72. That Tammy Faye-like lady was also present, and writhing in her own right.

I finally broke myself away from that, wishing I'd had my rosary with me to do a lap around the beads. Not! I settled for a silent, "amen," and went to sleep.

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