DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A fortuitous cup of coffee...

I spent way too much of a beautiful day indoors. The weather was absolutely stunning today, and for all intents and purposes, I missed it. I slept a lot today. Some of the voices in my head would say, "You deserve it."

At 8:30, I just had to get out. I went to the "Cookout" hamburger joint on Western Blvd. There were too extremely heavy girls in front of me in line. I thought about the movie "Super Size Me," and thought as the one received her "cup of extra mayonnaise on the side," presumably to dip her French Fries in, "Girl, you really don't need that."

I resisted the temptation of the choice of two sides that comes with "the combo" to get the "corn dog" as a side to my hamburger. (Of course that reminds me of the classic response by Liz Taylor, at her heaviest, when asked, "What would you like on your hamburger," responded, "A hot dog.") This country really is out of control. I found this food just "okay," and probably won't go there again. Thank goodness. I do not need another place to like.

From there, I went to Third Place to have a cup of coffee, and write. As I got out of my car, I ran into Wayne and Mark, who had just seen "Super Size Me" at the Rialto.

Once inside, I got my coffee, and powered up my laptop to write. I wrote part three of three stories about my first semester back to grad school.

Welcome Back Students
I Survived Spring Break
School's Out for Summer! <==== New ====

When I had just about finished, I looked up to the next person coming in the door, and to my delight, it was Dr. Brad, which was totally ironic as he was, of course, part of my story.

He asked me to join him outside, which I did. He read Part I of my story, and we reminisced a little about that dramatic semester in his class. He provided an update on Jennifer. She's actually home, and walking again. She has some memory problems, and a long road ahead of her, but I was amazed to hear of this much progress. Go Jennifer!

We had great, great conversation. I love talking with him. He is so high energy. We talked about so many things. I asked him how that independent study group was doing, he said great, and mentioned, exactly what I was thinking, that I'd be welcome to "drop in" on the group some time, and that if he did it again, he'd welcome my participation. Cool.

Things seem so much better for him now, which I was glad to hear. We departed as the Third Place staff had begun to stack the chairs. 11:35; they must close at midnight.

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