DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

DQTI and "John Time"

The DQTI class was fun today. This is the first time Courtney and I have been in an IBM class together, and we actually behaved ourselves. Fran taught it, and he is such a delightful teacher. So funny. At one point he accidentally skipped a slide, and he made this sound like he was rewinding, and it was absolutely hysterical. Very well done. He also told a very funny story about his short time in the service, and the instructor of one of the classes reading multiple choice answers to test, and screaming when he read the answer that was the correct one, so they'd all get it right. LOL.

I met Robert for lunch at Souper Salad at 54 and Southpoint Blvd. We had a nice lunch. He ate much healthier than I did, in terms of choice, quantity, and speed. We talked about possibly seeing "The Stepford Wives," but my free coupons can't be used for the first couple of weeks, so we decided to wait. In the end, Robert decided not to come to Raleigh for the evening, offering me some "John time."

I spent the entire night working on my website, the Tour de Friends section. I stopped at 11:00, and went out. I met Joe and Patrick, not planned, at CCs, and had fun chatting with them, and Ross, and Curt. The drag show was just okay. One guy/girl, guest from Atlanta, had the biggest tits, the kind of guy that I just keep saying, "Is that a guy?" In all three of her performances, she had on nothing but glittering pasties.

I left there at about 1:30.

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