DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

PF Changs

I worked from home today. At about 9:30, the doorbell rang, and it was the Fed-Ex man with my chair replacement for the patio furniture. Glad to be home so he could catch me on the third attempt. There was a notice on my door, the second one, though this was the first one I had seen, when I got home yesterday.

At about 3:00, I ran my car up to Jiffy Lube to attempt to have my tires rotated again. They did everything but that the last time I took it up there, even though that was my main reason for taking it in. As much as I had imagined zipping in and out of there, it being the middle of the afternoon and all, it was jammed. Every seat in the little waiting area was taken. I had originally planned to have coffee at that little coffee shop near there while it was being worked on, but its summer hours included closing at 2PM and opening again around 5:30, I think.

After about five to ten minutes of waiting, the guy came in, and said, "The Camry?" I followed him out. He showed me my tires, and said, "Man, I'll take your money, but if this were my car, I'd leave them alone." I thanked him for that, and said I'd rotate them at the next oil change.

I took a nap before Courtney got home from work. I had my alarm set for 7:15, as she had said she'd be home by 7:30, and we'd eat by 8:00. We had decided on eating at the Rockford. She arrived at around 6:45, and we headed out changing our minds and going to P.F. Changs at Crabtree instead. We had great conversation, as usual, and caught up. Even though she stays with me for two days every third or fourth week, we really don't have that much time together.

We "window shopped" for a piece of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory before agreeing that $6.75 for a piece of cake was outrageous, and came home to a Healthy Choice Ice Cream Sandwich.

She read the assignment for our DQTI class, which we're both in tomorrow morning, and I finished The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

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