DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Exercise and board meeting...

We had our TIGR meeting today, which was basically a roundtable again. I brought up concerns about the TPDM Process Change Control Process. (Yes, dont' laugh, it's a process for a process.) :-)

Book club lunch was fun; it was only me, Mary, and Suzanne. Mary talked about spending some time with Tara (3 months), probably in the November, December, January months. Tara is due December 1st. Mary wants to be there during the times she (Tara) most needs her (Mary). Suzanne showed Mary and me how to eat a chocolate truffle ball the "thin way." Excruciating! :-)

I left work at 4:45, stopped home and made up a batch of H&D dip, changed and met Steven at Carmichael. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, but it was one of the ones with arms, too, and that was good to use some arm muscles during the workout, too. I met Steven downstairs (he got a machine by "the fountain of hotness), and told him that I didn't have time to walk, as I had to stop by the grocery store, shower, and be at my board meeting by 7.

I stopped by Food Lion and picked up some Tostitos (for the dip), and some paper plate bowls.

I got to the meeting at about 6:50, and set up the "spread." Tonight, we had Michelle, Robert, Chris, Wayne, and me for the meeting. Wayne announced that Jan is taking a 3-month break from TCW. This is good news. She needs a break (as do most of us), but she needs it for her health's sake. We voted on accepting Robert's nomination to the co-chair position. It passed unanimously, of course. The meeting was pretty focused, and we finished at 9:10.

My vibrating phone went off at about 8:50, and it was Joe, I presumed. I went out in the hall and called him back, asking him to meet me at the bowling alley at 8:40. When I went back in to the room, we pretty much adjourned two minutes later, and I called Joe back to tell him that I was ready any time he was.

Joe followed me from the bowling alley over to Peach Auto, where I left my car. The "rat-hole" they had in the bottom right corner of the door to slip your key into was so small that my big-ass key had to be jammed through it. They really need a dropbox.

Joe and I had a fun ride back to my house. I fed him some of the leftover dip on chips while he drove.

At home I logged on for a few minutes, had a nice, quick AIM conversation with Robert, and said goodnight. I worked on the crossword puzzle of a week old (at least) N&O puzzle, which was fairly challenging. I have a few left undone for Robert to work on tomorrow night. I haven't consulted the crossword dictionary yet. If he can't get the remaining ones, we can do that tomorrow night.

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