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The Harvest Moon Ball

Had a good day with Jeane-baby. While she had her hair and nails done at Lord & Taylor, I shopped at Filene's Basement and TJ Maxx. Got me a nice dress shirt for $9.97, and another one for $12.97. Also got me a beautiful Bill Blass sweater marked down from $42.00 to $16.00 on the tag. At the register, it rang up for $12.97. What a deal!

We went through Jeane's mail, discussed the stock market and investments some, and surfed the web for Dr. Soy's Protein bars. Jimmy made some KILLER hamburgers on the grill, which we had at about 3:30. None of us were really hungry for dinner, so we ordered just appetizers from a local Chinese place. Phyl spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the vet's for Daisy's ears. Turns out she has a very serious infection.

Jeane went to bed at about 8:45, and I headed back to the Hilton. I drank four drinks at the house before going out (since they're $6.00 a pop for an EIGHT ounce glass at the Hilton!) -- the last one was the real expensive stuff -- and I drank it straight up. I was totally buzzing all night.

The Harvest Moon Ball was very fun. I was "relaxed" enough to get up on the dance floor and dance the two-step around the huge ballroom by myself. I got tired of waiting for someone to ask me to dance. Twice, this man with a beautiful smile, and the whitest teeth, ran up to me and said, "What are you doing dancing alone?" Turns out he's from Durham! I told him to come to Flex and dance with us.

I left at about 10 till 2, and thought I'd missed the last train on the red line. It ended up coming at about 2:10. I was so tired walking back to Phyl and Jimmy's from the subway station. I was out instantly as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I want to be able to dance in Raleigh more than one night a week for a couple of hours.

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