DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Shopping, leftovers, and a movie...

We got up around 10, and had breakfast out on the deck. After showering, we headed out to K-Mart to look for patio furniture covers and a grill cover. No success at K-Mart on Western; went to Wal-Mart on 70. They had covers for the chairs, and a grill cover. While there, I printed off a picture of the patio furniture from the party on Saturday to send to mom.

We ran to Target, but ended up stopping in Lowe's first to look at pavers. There are a couple of possibilities there for the walk from my deck to the trash can. While there, I bought a table cover, and covers for the two lounge chairs, which precluded us from having to go to Target.

We stopped back by Wal-Mart on the way back to pick up the picture for mom, which needed an hour to develop.

Back home, we had hamburgers and other party leftovers for lunch.

I worked on getting the pictures from the party into a web album, and sent a link to it out to the guys. Robert took a nap.

We went to the 7:25 showing of The Return at Madstone. We both really enjoyed it, as dark as it was.

Movie Synopsis: In contemporary Russia young brothers Vanya and Andrey have grown a deep attachment to each other to make up for their fatherless childhood. Running home after a fight with neighborhood kids, the boys are shocked to discover their father has returned after a 12-year absence. With their mother's uneasy blessing Vanya and Andrey set out on what they believe will be a fishing vacation with their taciturn father.

Though at first ecstatic to be reunited with the father they’ve only known from a faded photograph, the boys strain under the weight of their dad’s awkward and increasingly brutal efforts to make up for a missing decade of parental supervision. Vanya and Andrey find themselves alternately tested, scolded, scrutinized and ignored by their father through a changing series of encounters and hardships. As truck stops and cafés give way to rain-swept, primevally beautiful wilderness coastline, Vanya’s doubts about his father give way to open defiance. And Andrey’s powerful need to bond with a father he’s never known begins, in turn, to distance him from Vanya.

Vanya and his father’s test of wills escalates into bitter hostility and sudden violence as the trio arrives at their mysterious island destination, which holds the dubious sanctuary of a rickety light tower, the desperate reassurance of a stolen knife, and the cryptic allure of a rusting strong box.

For now at least, the movie's "home page": http://www.kino.com/thereturn/

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