DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Adam's birthday party...

Robert headed out to work, and I got up at about 9. I finished the housework, vacuuming and mopping the downstairs floor. I spent about 15 minutes pulling clotted dust out of the entrance to the vacuum, where it had stopped the suction all together.
I ran to the grocery store to buy the final fixings for the party. Once home, I made the H&D Cream Cheese dip, the Con Queso cheese dip, and cut up the lettuce, tomato, and onion for the hamburgers and hot dogs. I dusted "the bar," and moved all of the liquor out to the bar on the deck. Things looked pretty good by 3:45, and I was ready for guests, though my back was hurting from standing all day.

Carl called, and I had forgot to send him directions. Dang it! I gave them to him over the phone, and he ended up being the first one here, at about 4:05. I was glad to have a guest. Gordon arrived second, which surprised, but pleased me. It turned out to be a great party.

I got a few pictures on my digital camera, mostly wanting one to send to mom and dad so they could see the patio furniture they bought for me. We did three or four rounds of "blow jobs" (a.k.a. "cowboy cums" or "buttery nipples") Michael used a WINE GLASS at one time, and got his mouth around it, which was huge (both the glass and his mouth). Shawn got a good picture of it. It was fun doing those shots.

Most people left between 7 and 7:30, and me, Adam, Carl, and Michael left at about 7:45, getting Adam to Flex by 8:00. Van, Shawn, and Josh had done a great job decorating the place with balloons, and pictures of Adam. Such a cutie. Ah to be 22.

Dancing was fun, but long, and my back hurt by the end. Robert left at about 12:15, and I left at about 1:00. When I got out of the car in my parking spot, I couldn't move. My back had such stabbing pain no matter which way I moved. I hate that. After a few minutes, it subsided, and I got into the house.

Robert was still awake, just getting in bed. I showered and joined him, but then couldn't fall asleep right away. He was restless, trying not to keep me up with his coughing, and he eventually moved into the other bedroom. I was hating it for him, knowing I would at least be able to sleep in in the morning, but that he had to be up by 7, and then work a twelve hour day. Yuck.

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