DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A1A excess...

I got up at 8:00. We had a great breakfast of fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, melon, and oranges), and English Muffins. I sat outside by the pool and read the paper, checked out the local obituaries, which were, for the most part, uninteresting. I checked in with Robert to see how his Saturday night out went, but there was no answer.

We left the house at about 11:00, and took a ride out to A1A, where we drove up and down the coast looking at decadently values houses. The size and beauty of the homes was really just too much. Thinking about just paying the taxes on these properties is mind-boggling. And yachts galore. Just filthy rich.

We stopped by a NY Deli on the way home, and picked up a couple of Italian sandwiches on hoagies, and a delicious pizza, which we ate as soon as we got home. Jimmy left to play a round of golf, and Phyllis ran up to the drugstore to get some medication of Jeanie's refilled. Jeanie had gone in "for a nap," before they left, but shortly after both were gone, came out poolside. I got out of the raft I was floating on in the pool, and came and sat next to her to chat.

When Phyllis returned, she was thrilled that Jeanie had come out of the room and outside. Seems she spends a lot of time her room, which probably isn't that good for her.

I checked in with Robert at around 2, and he was at the airport already for his 4:30 flight. I asked him about his night, and it was good to chat with him.

Jimmy returned from golf, and he went in the pool for a bit. Then we said we wanted the spa area hotter, and he got out and fiddled with the instruments to make that happen. He drained the spa a little to where it wasn't overflowing into the pool, and then turned up the heat in just the spa. It go real nice in there, almost a 100 degrees. Phyl and I enjoyed it, while Jimmy was in the pool, and Jeanie sat poolside.

After about an hour, I lied down on the side of the spa, and drifted off. The sun was still shining, and it was just divine. After a while, I woke up and moved to the chaise lounge, and was served more veggies and dip with a drink. Heaven. :-) I also checked in with Steve, and then with Lisa, who turned out to be at Meagan's, which was bonus. She had just gotten home today, and was trying to breastfeed Nicholas while we were talking. It was a little awkward talking to Meagan, as I suppose we really don't have much in common, but I was glad to have made the connection.

I checked my email for the first time since leaving, and was glad to see a note from Cullum Rogers saying that my story had been cut at the last minute for space, that it will definitely be in the June issue. I was glad to read that. I replied, saying, "Good, because I've bragged to FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE already about being published!"

We got to watching a CNN special on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while Jimmy cooked hamburgers on the grill. They were delicious, and we had potato chips and pickles along with them. I had stopped after one, but Phyl talked me into the second one, which was great going down, but I, of course, regretted eating it right after that. Oh well. I'll just have to "take it easy" over the next three days.

Jeanie went in at about 8:30, again, and the rest of us called it a night at around 10. I came in, and caught up this journal.

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