DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Laundry and website kind of a day...

The TIGR meeting was uneventful this morning. The "Foundation of Competencies" meeting in B500 during lunch was a bust. It turned out to be the exact same session I attended in Orlando at the MPIT conference a couple of weeks ago -- same presenters and all. I left after about 15 minutes.

I met with Kevin M. for a short time today about replacing me on the GLBT Education Module team. He's going to do it.

I stopped by Jon B's office on the way out to pick up the materials for the EAGLE table on Thursday.

I came home via 54 to stop at the post office and mail a baby shower card to Meagan and an anniversary card (finally!) to Robert. I then tried my way home via Weston Parkway and Reedy Creek to Maynard, which was longer than I expected, but I think less traffic, and probably shorter than going 54 all the way to Maynard.

I had leftover spaghetti and leftover wings for dinner. Yum. I did two loads of laundry, removed the Workstation Security Tool and Asset Manager programs from both my workstation and my laptop, and worked on my personal website most of the night.

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