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Work & pool...

Robert and I had coffee and breakfast on the porch at "the bar." It was quite nice. Thank goodness for the umbrella, because even at that hour, it would have been too hot in the direct sun.

Robert packed up, and on his way out, offered to take my watch with him to get the battery replaced for me some time this week. About an hour later, he returned with the new battery in the watch. What a sweet, sweet, sweet, thoughtful man. I love his thoughtfulness.

I showered real quick, and we left together, meeting at the Quizno's at Mission Valley, where we had a lunch. From there, he went home, and I went to work.

Joe checked in via AIM at about 4:00, and asked about Steve's cookout. I told him that I hadn't heard from Steve yet, but would check in with him and let him know what was going on. He said he was going for a bike ride, and would check his cell voice mail when he was done.

I checked in with Steve, and he said that he was still going to cookout, but much later than 5:30. I told him we'd pass then, as we were going to Flex to play some pool.

Joe AIMed me back after a little less than an hour, and was an absolute mess. He had not been riding at all. He had been looking for his wallet for the last hour, and had not been able to find it. He was just frantic. He was going to go out to his truck and search it yet one more time, as that's where he thought he'd put it after paying for parking at the beach in Wilmington before leaving there earlier in the day.

About a half hour later, he called back. He had found it! Thank goodness! We agreed to meet at Lily's for dinner at 6:30.

I left work at about 6:10, and on the way to Lily's called Jeanie-baby and my brother. Jeane sounded good, and genuinely excited about my visit this weekend. Mike got overwhelmed a little when I told him that I was going to put a check in the mail tomorrow for $1000.00 to put toward buying a used car.

Joe and I way overate at Lily's. We got the "Super Duper," which really was. The super duper is basically a meat-lover's pizza including pepperoni, hamburger, bacon, sausage, and white cheddar cheese. Yum. Yum. Yum.

We got to Flex after 8:00, and spent some time talking with Loren. Tony (the rugby player) showed up, and he and I spent a lot of time talking about relationships. He told me some things about Robert that I want to check out with him, as far as about where he is in terms of our relationship. We spent a lot of time talking about being "romantic" and "being a dreamer" and "the knight in shining armor" idea.

I also found out that he is an active duty Marine from Jacksonville. We had an interesting discussion about the military, too. He asked me if I'd ever thought of serving, since my dad was a 30-year Marine. When I told him that I was glad I never had to make that decision because I most likely would have been a conscientious objector, he was a little taken aback. He didn't want to continue with the conversation, which was probably for the best. I know it's one of those things we would have had to agree to disagree on.

I also found out that he is a devout Catholic, and actually scared me a little with some bible quoting. Interesting guy. I'd love to catch up with him in about 15 years to see who we've both changed.

We eventually got the pool table, and played several games of pool. Eventually we gave up the table, and sang along with some of the karaoke songs. I left there way too late, close to 11:30, I believe.

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