DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Smoked brats...

I met Robert for lunch at the CPK at SouthPoint and we had a great lunch. He used his $25 gift certificate for good customer service from UNC.

I stopped at the Rec Center on the way back and bought two covered pavilion seats for Tim McGraw.

We had the first of the PM/RM Meetings today, and Mary Ellen did a good job of facilitating.

We cooked smoked bratwurst on the grill tonight, and they were delicious!

Dancing was fun, fun, fun. Carl taught MLD, which took a long time, and he and Michael didn't get a part right at first, which didn't help things along at all.

Robert left just after 11. I left at around 11:30. He went back to Chapel Hill so as not to keep me awake with his sniffling. Thoughtful man.
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