DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The annual beach/keg party...

I slept in, and fiddled around online most of the day, a good portion scanning in pages of my passport for my story that's being published. Cullum ended up happy with the scans, but not with my "headshot," as the DPI was too small. I told him I'd take my digital camera to the party I was going to and have someone take a couple, and send them to him tonight.

I arrived at Steve's closer to 5 than 4, and there weren't that many people there yet. I sat with Joe and Sylvia, and ate some goodies. People, and more food, kept arriving every 10 minutes or so, and I had more. Along with several bourbons and cokes.

I had fun chatting with Debbie, and she was excited about my being published. I ended up inside on Steve's computer, printing off my story, which I brought outside and gave it to her. She absolutely loved, and went on and on about it.

Joe left at about 6 to be at work by 7. I chatted with Randy for a little while; he's a nice guy. Before leaving, I was up on the deck chatting with Will a little bit. He seems the same old, even if he is straight now.

I left at 9, "freshened up," and left for Flex at about 11. It was "Leather Night" there, but not much interesting, really. Carl was the only person I really knew there. Joe called at about 11:30, and said he'd be to CC's by midnight. At about quarter till I headed over there.

I saw Dwight there, and he and I had a nice conversation, he catching me up on most of the "old gang." I danced a little while with Alan, and then Joe and I spent some time talking with Doug, and his friend Greg.

I left there at about 2:00AM.

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