DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Key issues again...

We had a department meeting today, and Mel surprised me while going around the room, by asking me to tell the department about the MPIT conference. I basically related the note I sent to Renee to them.

The Process meeting was short, but went well. Alan did not attend again, and afterward, Candie discussed with him, and he has delegated the meeting to BT. I have mixed emotions about that in terms of showing management's commitment, but it also says, in a way, that it's "being handled." I like BT at least.

The light was out at S. Miami and Cornwallis, and the left turn was a nightmare. I decided to turn right, and was going to take Alexander to Page back to 40. However, while riding, I thought, maybe I'll go to the card shop on 70 since I'm out this way. Before it was all said and done, I was at the Wal-Mart looking at their patio furniture. I didn't like any of it.

On the way home, I stopped at K-Mart on Western Blvd., and they had the Martha Stewart Bar Set that I liked several months ago, which has not been there for a while. I went to purchase it, but they didn't have one "in the back." After a couple of calls, they located one at the Garner store, which had everything but the umbrella.

I called Joe and asked him if he was available to ride to the Garner store to pick that one up with his truck. He was. While I waited for him to arrive, I purchased the umbrella there, and then went home to wait for him.

Returning home with the goods, I realized I had not grabbed my keys on the way out, since Joe was driving. Grrrrrr. Worse than that, the spare key to my house was also still in the house due to the debacle last week. Grrrr. I had to call Robert, and he graciously came from Chapel Hill to let me in.

Joe helped me put the chairs and stool in the shed, and the table and the umbrella base on the back deck. His truck almost got stuck in the grass doing this. It wouldn't go into reverse and he nearly ended up butted up against an electrical transformer. Drama!

He dropped me off at the Dairy Queen on Western, and I walked back eating my Butterscotch Sunday, while waiting for Robert to come from Chapel Hill. I got back with about 5 minutes to spare.

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