DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Up too late...

We got up at around 9:00. I had breakfast, and Robert lopped the bushes out around my deck, and by the trash cans. We went to Crabtree, and I bought three shirts at Belk's. We stopped at the food court, and Robert had Cream of Broccoli soup at the
Bistro Deli, I think it was called. It was terrible, and he asked to replace it with their Tomato Basil soup, which they did. At first he didn't like that either, but by the end, he did.

We stopped in the Lindt store, and had a sample of an unbelievable white chocolate truffle. OMG. So f------ good.

We stopped at the Goodwill on 70 on the way home, and bought a light timer switch, a ceramic tile coaster, and a pair of jeans shorts for Robert.

At home, I tried on the one shirt I didn't try on in the store, the tank top, and didn't like the way it fit. It's in the bag waiting to go back to the store.

We took a nap, and got up at about 3:30. We checked in with Rick to see if he needed anything for the Derby Party, and then headed over. We had a good time there. There were a lot of people we didn't know, and a few of them were guys who used to be country dancers when they danced at CCs.

Robert and I bought some chances on some horses, but didn't in. We left there at about 7:45, and headed down to Flex. It was Underbear night, and some of us danced in our boots and boxers. I had several great dancers with the "former dancers,"
for whom two-stepping came right back.

After dancing stopped, I flirted with this guy named Bobby, who had been watching me dance. He was from Baltimore, and was there with his boyfriend. Robert flirted with Emilio.

We left way too late... I ended up falling asleep at about 1:30, with my alarm set for 4:30. Way too short of a night.

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