DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Breakfast out, school project, Joe's dinner, and too much alcohol...

I met Donna at Bruegger's for breakfast. Mike, Norma, and their son were there. They must live at that place. Donna and I sat outside, and had a great chat. We were there probably an hour and a half.

I stopped by The Card Factory, Best Buy, and Walmart on the way home. At the card store, got a birthday card for Joe, a sympathy card for Robert, and a couple of "extra cards." At Best Buy, I bought the Josh Groban CD for Joe for his birthday, and looked and looked and looked through the karaoke CDs for a song by Aaron Neville on it. No luck. I stopped by Walmart on the way home, and went through theirs as well. Still no luck. Imagine that, no big market for Aaron Neville karaoke songs.

I worked on my website all afternoon. At 6:30, a SSS'ed, and headed down to Porter's for 7:30. I got there right at 7:30, and no one else was there. While I was waiting for them, David and Allen came up, and Mike L. went into Frasers. The place was just crawling with queers.

Me, Joe, Ben, and Dale sat at a table in the bar area, which was not my first choice with the people right next to us smoking. Then Ben and Dale lit up. Oh well. It was fine during eating as it turned out. I had the "Thai Chicken Tavern Chips." Yum. Yum. Yum. Joe opened his cards from me and Robert, and his CDs, which he got a kick out of. Robert arrived at about 8:45, and helped me finish my meal. They brought out a slice of killer carrot cake, and some, what tasted like, pralines and cream, ice cream with a little candle in it for Joe.

We went to Flex from there, well Joe, Robert, and I did. Ben and Dale had to stop by home (not exactly on the way) so Dale could change his shirt, which he had spilled something on during dinner.

It was "Turn Around" night at Flex, and the staff in drag was quite amusing at times. Brigner was a trip. He reminded me of Madeleine Kahn in Young Frankenstein. Robert left at about 10, and the show started at midnight. Mary K Mart was the hostess, so it was pretty good.

I left there at 1:00 having drank way too much, and Joe was at least twice worse off than I was. I made it home without incident, thank goodness. Today was the day that Veeder kid was sentenced for his killing of six people while driving drunk.

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