DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Class dinner and website coding...

I want to capture two affirmations that have happened this week. (Things that make your heart go hummmmm -- with warmth.)

Michelle and I had this email exchange:

From: John
To: Michelle
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 10:05 am
Subject: YOU

My journal entry from the day of our last board meeting.

From: Michelle
To: John
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 1:27 PM
Subject: back to YOU

you are way too kind for words! what can i say? esp how very lovely it was for you to share that with me, and on a tuesday clinic afternoon no less! it was hard for me to think about not being able to do the tcw board, and a lot of that was how much i really enjoy and appreciate you. when i joined, i remember thinking, who is that funny sexy man!! over time, i also grew to appreciate your quiet sense of sarcasm and humor, your common sense and perspective, your motivation and drive to grow, and your committment and drive to sustain.

anyways, you need to know that you are lovely in my eyes, and someone i am proud to know and have worked with. that said, i'll see you next month at the tcw board and want to give you a really big hug and say again, thanks for being such a lovely man.


The other affirmation was in a voicemail from Robert, in which he said, "I just wanted to let you know that you are so good for me. I love you so much." Such a sweet, sweet man.

Work was uneventful today. I had lunch with Richard Z. at Piper's, and had their killer Pimento Cheese sandwich.

I left work at 3:30 for class. When I arrived to the classroom, Meagan was stretched out across the tables in that room, and moaning about her sunburn.

Amanda arrived about 10 minutes late, and we headed down to Dr. Brad's office to look at a website that he is going to use in this class in the Fall semester as a project. The owner's of the website want to revamp it, and they've asked him, which he's going to do with the class, to do a user analysis on it, and make recommendations for change.

As always, we had great discussion about the conceptual as well as operational problems with the site. We talked until about 6:00. From there, we all went to Porter's and Dr. Brad bought us dinner. Amanda couldn't eat, because she had a 7:00 class, and it was already about 6:30 by the time the waiter took our orders.

I had a delicious Portobello sandwich, and some fries. This has not been a good dieting day for me, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'll just get back on track tomorrow.

We had some great dinner conversation. I proposed a toast, thanking the class (3 other students, Jennifer is still in a coma) for making my foray back to school such a great one, having this class as one of my first. Cheers all around. We had a good discussion about having so few friends that when one goes away your whole life is turned upside down. Not a good situation to keep oneself in.

Once home, I spent the entire night working on my website. I stopped at 2:30AM. I'm not at all comfortable with the amount of things I yet want to do with it, and the time remaining before it's due. Oh well. I do have all weekend.

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