DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Web photo albums, and EAGLE mingling...

We had our (somewhat) quarterly IBM GLBT Leadership meeting today, with "breakfast" from 7:30 to 8:00, and the meeting from 8-9. Attendees: Stan (talking with his mouth full as always), Beth, Steve F., and Chris in the room, Jon B. and Larry on the phone. Ken had a last minute work commitment come up, so Chris ran the meeting with Ken's slides, some of which he edited. Overall, it was a good meeting, and Jay's note came up a lot.

Back at my office I attended my weekly TIGR call from 10-11, and left shortly after that for book club lunch in the B002 Cafeteria. Everyone but Janet showed up, and it was a good lunch. The book was mentioned toward the very end of the meeting. Mary is almost done; Suzanne is "back into it."

I got to the Dreamweaver Web Photo Album, etc. class with a few minutes to spare. It was a good class. I am really impressed with these (free to grad students) classes. Tomorrow is the last one I'm taking this semester, and it's right on time for my website projects due in 9 days.

I worked from home from 3-5, and then headed out to Bluz Cafe for the EAGLE gathering. It was quite the crowd, and about a 50/50 mix of men and women. Let's see if I can capture: Joe, Lawrence, John Short, Jon, Deanna, Darcy and her partner, Julie and her partner Laurie, Sondra, Josh and his roommate Jeff (wonder if it's Geoff; whatever, he's a cutie), Jay, Richard Z., Joy, Kim (I keep forgetting Kim's name, hopefully writing it here will help for next time), Steve F., Jim S., Jennette, and Trish M. I think that's everyone. It was a fun two hours.

Once home, I cleaned off the bed for Courtney, and started working on my website project. I'm into it. Court got there at about 9:30, we had some great, great laughs about cystah, if you incyst, eating at the Y, me pointing my car key fob at the badge reader this morning, and pressing the unlock button AS IF. Bless my mess. I love laughing with her. She remains my most-laugh-per-minute friend.

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