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Happy Halloweenie...

I had a good evening. I went with Sam to eat at Thaifoon. Yum. Yum. I had the Pad Thai dish. Don't know what was in it (shrimp was the staple), but it was good. We shared an appetizer of spring rolls before dinner, and the dinners come with a complimentary dessert -- some delicious (mango?) ice cream and an almond cookie. Delish. Sam is 24. I would have guessed 34. Glad I didn't!

We returned to the hotel and Sam went out with Casey to Rob's church's Halloween celebration. (Me, Casey, Sam, and Sue are all at the Candlewood Suites. Sue left late this afternoon for a weekend trip home.)

I drove down to Laguna Beach (about 15 miles from here) to check out two bars. They were very different bars. One, "Main Street Bar," was a cabaret type place, with a tubby, black drag queen (I think she was a drag queen, though could have been a RG), who had a wonderful voice. This place got pretty festive later on. I started here, left after about an hour to go to the other bar (which was across the street), and then came back by after leaving that one.

That other one, called the Boom Boom Room, had strippers (down to G-strings). That was fun to watch, though all of them were smooth, and most had shaved pits. What a waste.

And who should I run into there? Thomas, with the arched eyebrows, who trained me on Tuesday! <What a surprise.> It was fun to see his face when he recognized who I was. We chatted a bit, about 15 minutes, then he left with the guy -- a friend -- he was there with. He said there are no other gay people in this office. Bummer. I told him about EAGLE, and offered to put him on our interested parties list, which he said he'd like.

I left there after about an hour, and as I mentioned, stopped back by Main Street. Things had really picked up there; they were having a "Worst Halloween Costume" contest, so that was interesting. I left at about 11:15, with no treats and no tricks.

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