DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Walking on Sunshine...

What a glorious day, weather-wise, it was today. Just beautiful.

We woke up at about 9:00, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

We went to Denny's for breakfast, and I overate, but not too much. The service was slow, but the waiter was excellent, and we tipped him about 25%.

During breakfast Robert said the nicest thing to me. It actually got me all teary-eyed. We were talking about my "10-year anniversary" yesterday, and I made a comment about it being good that we (Donna and I) had moved on saying sarcastically, "Yeah, she could have had ten more years with me not doing anything (sexually) with her." And Robert said, "I could see a woman easily giving up 10 years of sex to be with a guy as wonderful as you are." Sweet, sweet man he is.

There was an older couple in line for a table as we left. The man had on a lime green suit, and the woman had on a bright pink women's suit. What were these people thinking when they left the house??? They looked like they'd been plucked right out of an easter basket. Just hideous. I'm sure they were nice people.

Back home, Robert gathered up his things, and headed back to Chapel Hill. At 1:00, I met Steven at the gym, and did a 350-calorie workout, followed by a one-mile walk.

During our walk, we got to talking about people who are "downers" after I mentioned Meagan from my classes. And then I mentioned the movie I saw on Friday, how it was a downer, but those are the kind of movies I like. I then made a comment to the effect that I think I like down things in movies because my own life is so upbeat. And Steven made a comment to the effect of "yeah, that's why people like being around you so much, cause you're always up." Something like that. I thought it was real nice, and my second "affirmation" of the day. Nice.

I washed a load of whites, and spent the evening working on my website information plan and the storyboards that go with it, all due tomorrow.

I had a nice chat with Irene via AIM. We talked a lot about Frank Whaley, who I would love to see again some day. She answered a lot of my questions about his 10 plus year disappearance. Evidently she has known all this time that he had been married, and had a son. And now, living in Germany, he's involved with at least three women concurrently, some of whom aren't technically "available." I wonder what demons he's dealing with. I was so in love with him in high school.

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