DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

DC Cowboys!!!

We got up at about 11, and Joe and I went across the street, go a bagel and cream cheese each, and took them over to the Starbucks and had them with coffee.

I went upstairs and got a seat while Joe was getting our coffee, and I booted up my laptop. It wouldn't boot. The girl sitting across from me said, "Would you like to switch seats so you'll be near a plug?" That was nice, and we did.

Even plugged in, my laptop would not boot. That stressed me out. I decided not to deal with it in Starbucks, and would check it out back at the room.

Joe came up, and we had our breakfast. After we finished, Doug finally arrived, and we went out walking. We asked the concierge if there was a park close by to walk in. There was, just two blocks up.

As it turned out, it was a "cruising park." How did we know. For two reasons, one there were used condoms on the ground in various places, and way up on the ridge, a guy was sucking another guy's dick. That pretty much clinched it for us.

I spoke with Robert for a few minutes while we walked through here.

After that we went and sat in Dupont Circle and just people-watched for about an hour. There was a homeless man there, talking loudly at no one at all, and getting up and walking around conversing (with himself, or to some imagined audience, even though he had a real one).

Joe and I wanted Quizno's for lunch, and Doug wanted Subway, where he could get an Atkins-like lunch. We passed by a Subway, Doug ducked in, and then we stopped at the Quizno's near the hotel, and all ate our sandwiches there.

Next door was a little grocery store and we bought two six-packs of bear. At $4.00 a pop in the bar, it was worth getting a little lubed up before going out.

We went to JRs at about 4:00 or 4:30, and it was virtually empty. Doug and Joe played pool, and I sat downstairs and read through some gay rags. A couple came in, a guy and a girl, who were just friends or maybe brother and sister, or something, point being the guy wasn't straight. They played pool with Joe and Doug for a few games.

We left there and headed back to the hotel to get ready to go out. By the time we were ready, it was about 9:30, and we wanted just a little more food before starting seriously drinking. We stopped at the Burger King nearby, which took way too long for the nuggets Doug ordered. I got just a plain cheeseburger.

We were going to stop by JRs again before heading to Remington's but it was still a 15 or so minute walk away, and I started thinking if we did that we wouldn't get to Remington's until 11 or 11:30 the earliest, and I didn't want to miss any dancing. I told the guys that I was going to go directly to Remingtons, and they could just hook up with me later, but we all ended up going there directly.

The place was empty when we got there. Oh well. I didn't miss any dancing. :-) It got super crowded quickly, though, and I started dancing as soon as people did. I actually asked a couple of people to dance, the first being Jack, who was a great dancer who could either lead or follow. I chose to follow.

Later, we did a fun fun fun shadow dance together. At one point in the dance, he switched us around so that he was in front of me. I started leading, and he switched us back. Then he said, "One of the beautiful subtleties of the shadow dance is when you let the lead lead from the front."

"Oh!" I said. "I thought you were passing the lead to me when you did that."

"Never." he said, which was kinda hot. :-)

After a while Doug hooked up with somebody, and they headed back to the room a little early. Joe and I left at about 2:00, and we went back to "restaurant row," and had another piece of that killer pizza.

When we got back Doug and his trick, I mean date, were in the other bed. It was 3:30 again.

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