DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

My 10-Year Anniversary

Today I am celebrating 10 years of being who I am after 35 years of having been what I wasn't. And I think now, as I thought shortly after I came out, "Thank God I did not live my entire life being someone I was not. You only get one chance here, and to live it trying to please people who think differently from you is a tragedy." I love my life now.

We got up around 9:00, and had breakfast. At about 10:30, we headed out to the Cingular place at, I think it's called Town Ridge, over on 70. I thought it was where The Card Factory is, but it was actually across the street on the back side of the Walmart shopping center.

The place was called "All Wireless," but while we were there, people came in at different times and asked:

Do you have Sprint?

Do you have AT&T?

Do you have Verizon?

Finally, I said to the lady, "Maybe you should think of calling this place, "Almost All Wireless." She explained that they used to carry all those companies' plans as well.

I got mom a phone, that I think she's really going to like. At least I hope so. It's a flip phone, and the lady set it up so that it answers the call just by opening, and ends the call just by closing. I think she'll like not having to push any buttons to do those two things. We also programmed my home phone number in the phonebook. One of the other clerks in there said, "Put a Mother's Day card in the box when you send it to her." :-)

We stopped at the card factory since we were in the area, and I picked up a Mother's Day card and a Father's day card, and a couple of all-occasion blank ones.

From there we went to Lake Johnson to walk. The place was jammed because the weather was so beautiful, and there was a remote control boat race going on. We did our 3-mile trip around the lake, and then headed to the Farmer's Market.

We ate at the NC Seafood place, shrimp burgers, YUM, and Robert had fries of which I had a few. We walked through the one building there, mostly looking at the pepper and onion relishes to see if one looked like the Harry and David's one we got at the outlet mall last weekend. No luck.

I was drooling over the breads and the fudge, and finally said, "Let's get out of here before I go nuts." I bought Robert a bag of almonds.

Back at the house we took an extended nap out back on the deck on the lounge chairs. It was just such a beautiful, beautiful day.

I got up at about 6:30, and made spaghetti for dinner. The sauce had mushrooms in it already, but I dumped the rest of the fresh ones I had that were not going to last much longer in as I cooked it. It was pretty yummy.

Dancing was a blast tonight. We got there just after eight, and there were only four of us there in addition to Van and Adam. Eventually it got packed though. It was hot as shit in there -- the air conditioning unit had "frozen over," and wasn't working. That sucked.

After dancing, Robert and I both did a lot of flirting with other people, which was fun. I got way too drunk, and came so close to throwing up on the way home. All in all, it was a fun, fun night, and a good 10th anniversary for me.

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