DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The United States of Leland

Work was uneventful today. I had a productive meeting with Helen from noon to one on the Quality Plan Template. Cassandra was supposed to connect to the call but didn't.

Donna called me mid-afternoon, and reminded me that tomorrow is 10 years since I came out to her, and that it's getting close to the point where we'll be separated/divorced longer than we were married. God, we're getting old.

Robert and I met Steve at Mo Joe's for dinner. By the time we got there, Bob and Steve J. had joined Steve, so the five of us ate together.

At another table was Ross, a friend of his, and Kirk and his boyfriend. Gay day at Mo Joe's, I reckon.

From there, me, Robert, and Steve went to Madstone to see The United States of Leland. Steve slept some during the first 45 minutes or so.

Movie Synopsis: When smart, quiet suburban student Leland Fitzgerald (Ryan Gosling) commits a shocking crime, he becomes the center of a maelstrom of people trying to understand what he did and why, from his famous but absent father (Kevin Spacey), to his troubled ex-girlfriend (Jena Malone) to the victim’s devastated family. The only person Leland trusts is Pearl (Don Cheadle), a jaded juvenile hall teacher and aspiring writer who helps Leland to examine the truth of his crime. Yet, Pearl too, has his own exploitative agenda, using Leland to garner material for a book and further his own career -- until he begins to see that Leland is giving him something he never expected; not the concrete answer he seeks, or the literary fame he hopes for, but the realization that now is the time to change his own life for the better.

It was a little slow, but it had to be with the characters that were in it. No happy characters at all. Everyone had "issues." Just like real life. I liked it.

We had thought about going out, but ended up not. We came back, and Robert and I worked on a couple of crossword puzzles before going to sleep. Then we worked on... before going to sleep. MMMMMMMmmmmm.

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