DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Class and class, and paper due...

I took the Dreamweaver Tables and Frames class today, which was invaluable. Perfect timing. Learned several things that is going to make the creation of my web site in the next two weeks much easier.

Class ended at 11, and at 11:30 I got to Krispy Kreme to meet Steve to pick up the color printouts he did for me. While waiting, I bought a dozen glazed donuts to take to class this afternoon. Steve showed up at about 11:55. I gave him a donut, collected my printouts, and raced home as the exterminator was supposed to be there some time between 12 and 1.

I pulled up at about 12:07, and he was just backing out of my spot. I honked at him and waved him back. I ate one donut after logging into work.

I brought the rest of the donuts to class, and like Brad and Amanda, ate two during the three hour class. That's 15 points worth of donuts. Grrrrrr! But, I haven't had them in a long time, and they were most yummy.

The three-hour class, once more, just flew by. Meagan wasn't there. Jason, Amanda, and I each did a presentation on what our articles for publication were about. All three topics were well received, with lots of interaction during the presentations. Dr. Brad seemed sincerely delighted.

After class, I met Steven at the gym. We both did an elliptical machine upstairs, and then walked our mile afterward. Some of the donuts counteracted, at least. I struggled not to eat once home.

I had an AIM conversation with Robert, and then a short one with Jay, who told me that he had sent Chris a note resigning from the GLBT Leadership Team. Before taking my system down, I read the note. It's right on, and I have to say I feel the same. It'll be interesting to see how the meeting next week goes now.

Oh, one other thing. While at the library today for the Dreamweaver class, I noticed some hardback books sitting in one of those racks where all the free rags and magazines are. One of them was My Point... And I Do Have One.

I started reading it in the car at Krispy Kreme, while waiting for Steve. The first thing I noticed inside the front cover is that it's one of those "traveling books" that has a sticker in it with an identifier and a request to go to a website and enter your information, and see where the book has traveled. How cool.

The book is hysterical. I love Ellen's sense of humor. Just love it. I hope to finish the book before my trip to Orlando in the first week of May, where I will leave it in the lobby of the hotel. Either that, or I might hang onto it until December, and take it to Greece with me and leave it there! How cool would that look on the "travelogue" of the book. Greece!

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