DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Cascading Style Sheets and the TCW Board Meeting...

Now I know why they're called cascading style sheets. It was a great class. Scott W. taught it. I really like his teaching style. I had the class in my Palm Pilot from 1-2, but it was actually from 1-3. I was running a 3:00 meeting at work, so had to leave at 2:15. I got most of what I wanted out of the class, though, so that wasn't bad at all. Rushing to get to work was. I made it at 2:55.

The ISO DOM meeting that I ran went much better than I imagined it would. Everyone seemed pretty engaged, and it was a good working session, resulting in some updates I'll have to make to the DOM. I'm happy to do it, as it will reflect what the team's actually doing, and hopefully, lead to fewer nonconformances.

I stopped by home, had dinner, and headed to the TCW Board Meeting. Me, Wayne, Jan, and Michelle were present. I love Michelle. What a warm, wonderful, intelligent human being. It came out in the conversation that Wayne will be stepping down as co-chair in May, I think, and Robert will be taking his place. This is good news. Wayne so needs a break. (As do all of us, really.)

I got home at about 9:00, and worked on my article due Thursday until 2:30AM. Almost like the "all nighters" of 24 years ago as an undergrad. :-)

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