DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Annotated bibliography day...

I worked from home today, but mostly, I hate to say, on my annotated bibliography due with my paper on Thursday. What a bitch it was finding articles to cite.

I asked Steve to print me off some color copies of my graphed survey results for my paper. I was disappointed that he didn't deliver them to me tonight at Flex. Now I have to run over to his school during the day tomorrow, and my day is already jammed. Oh well.

Before leaving for class, I had a magnificent salad, and prepared one for Robert as well. I left it in the fridge for him.

I got Jeanie's taxes in an envelope, and dropped them by the post office on the way to class. Nice to not have to be anywhere near the post office tomorrow.

Class was lame tonight. Dr. Dicks attempted to teach Dreamweaver, but it was not very effective at all. It was learn mostly by trial and error. Some people were totally clueless in the class. I feel sorry for them. I am so glad I took the initiative to take the Dreamweaver courses offered by LTS free to faculty and grad students. Otherwise, I would be a wreck in trying to complete this website assignment by the end of the semester.

After class, I had a message from Robert that he wasn't up to dancing tonight. I gave him a call on our cells, caught him on the way home from class, and wished him sweet dreams.

There were only about four dancers there when I arrived at Flex. Eventually it filled up, and there ended up being quite a crowd. Steven arrived shortly after nine, and it was good to see him; it's been a while since we've been able to sync up for the gym. He learned the Circle Jerk, and did great. And later, went back for more punishment learning The Train. I admire that he doesn't quit; just keeps on keeping on, which is what you have to do to learn these dances. We had a slow dance, too, and I see two-stepping in his future. :-)

I had the most wonderful Shadow Dance with Joe. Just love, love, love doing that dance with him. I also had a very great waltz with Rick E. at the end of the night. We started off with me leading, which was lame, and midway through, he took over. It was infinitely better.

During one slow dance Shawn starting saying, "$32.09, $32.09, $32.09, $32.09..." and that was it. The rest of the night, me him and Josh were doing all the lines from Sordid Lives. What a hoot. Josh said he is planning to have a Sordid Lives party, where we will all be expected to dress up as a character.

I left at about midnight.

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