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Dancing with girls...

Spent an hour with Brad, the trainer, going over installation and configuration. He was quite engaging despite seeming yesterday to not really want to do the session. I thanked him for his energy. I met another whole bunch of folks today. Too many names to remember. I started the update of the UNIX installation guide.

Kim is putting the pressure on about dressing up for Halloween tomorrow. I will probably go get SOMETHING to be a team player. Team building is one of the "hidden agenda" items for my trip.

I came back to the hotel for lunch, and wrapped the book -- Hiding My Candy -- I bought for Robert last night. I stopped by the post office on the way back to the office and mailed it. I look forward to his reaction to it. I sent it book class, so it probably won't arrive until Saturday or next Monday.

I left work at about six and headed to Target to find a volleyball. I've decided that I'm going to buy a cheap volleyball, cut out a part of it so it will fit on my head, and write with big letters on the front of it, TIVOLIBALL. May be lame, but easy, and about all I'm up for. I couldn't find the Target, but found a sports store with volleyballs on sale for $9.99. The deal!

From there I stopped by the hotel to quickly change into my boots and a t-shirt, and head out to Crazy Horse, a straight bar, where tonight they had two-stepping and line dancing lessons. I did several of the line dances, and learned the lead's part to the Barn Dance. I ended the night doing Backstreet boys. The lady of one of the hottest cowboys there was watching me, and woo-hooed at my dancing. That made me smile.

It sure was nice to ride 7 minutes back to the hotel, for a total round trip of about 15 minutes! As nice as dancing with men is in N. Hollywood, it sure isn't very practical. I still think I'll probably go out there on Friday night. I won't go tomorrow night, when they'll again have lessons.

Back at the hotel, I popped a bag of popcorn, cut out the volleyball -- it worked -- and wrote thank you cards (for my birthday) to Mary and Sharon. I also wrote this week's card out to Jeanie-baby.

As I enter this, I am watching an E! special on Dylan McDermott. What a MAN. And he's got the stubble thing going on! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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