DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

It's about time...

Realized time had changed after waking up. Slept an extra hour. Went to 11:30 mass. Spoke with Bob in the parking lot for a while afterward.

Stopped by Brueggers for a bagel and coffee after church. Stopped by Krispy Kreme, and bought a dozen "original glazed" donuts.

Washed clothes, and began packing for my trip to Irvine.

Met Steve at Rockola for a totally fattening dinner of chili cheese fries and onion rings. He had a salad, too. I rode with him to Richard D.'s to deliver his Pampered Chef order. Richard introduced us to his French teacher friend who is visiting as a chaperon to a group of kids. His name is "Pasqual," and he's gay. Bob was also there for dinner. We just dropped off the stuff and left. I had to get back to meet Robert.

Robert arrived shortly after 8:30. We went to Snoopy's and brought home a hot dog each. He got fries. We ate that, and a donut afterward. A full "fat gram" day!

I finished packing, and we went to bed... mmmmm, mmmmm...

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