DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Mama Mia!

I slept in this morning.

At one o'clock, I met Steven at the gym, and we did our usual 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, and a one-mile walk. Once again it was one of those days that hadn't I had a "workout buddy" I met have blown it off. Thanks, Steven, for that.

I "kicked it up a notch" on the elliptical team, and burned off 410 calories instead of the usual 350. Once again, our mile walk flew by, as I learned about the history of "very more" and "very less."

I left the house at about 4:40 to meet Judy at Rockford for 5:00. It turned out they only serve drinks from 5-6, not starting dinner service until 6:00, which wouldn't work for us to be to the BTI center for the 7:00 show.

We decided to eat at The Mellow Mushroom instead. We each had a tossed salad, and then shared a 10-inch "Gourmet White." I really liked it, even though I have heard bad comments about that place from several different people.

I had 19-points to spare, and I'm sure the two pieces of that pizza, and the salad dressing used them up.

Judy and I people-watched in the lobby of Mama Mia, which was fun. I saw fewer people that I know than I expected, and never saw Brian and Brian. On the way to park, I saw Steve J. and Bob, the dentist walking toward the theater.

The show was very, very good. What a great use of already famous and fabulous music to weave into a story. The three songs done as an encore were just great; the place was rockin'.

I stopped by Flex on the way home, and met Steve and Joe. Steve left at about 11, I guess, and shortly after that Joe and I made our way over to Legends, convincing ourselves that perhaps, since it was closing night of the show, some of the cast of Mama Mia would show up there. It didn't happen.

The drag show was lame, and hosted by none-other than "Valerie Rockwell", who is a.k.a. as "Trixie" on Thursday night at Flex, who neither Joe nor I can stand.

Joe and I laughed and laughed and laughed at his song impersonations of Aaron Neville songs. OMG it was so funny. We were laughing and hacking. Bless our mess.

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