DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Working from home, and class...

Had a Sametime chat with Lila for a little while during lunch. I know she's ready for that class to be done. I connected to the 2:00 conference call with Randy, BT, and Ellen (who came across as a bitch). Fortunately, Ellen was only on for a few minutes after reporting that she was reassigning her items to Harold W. Randy got on my last nerve like she always does. I don't know how BT deals with it on a daily basis.

I had to return my phone to the cradle after only a couple of minutes. I think the battery must be dying. I made a note of its specifications to get a replacement.

I was going to run to White Rabbit today to buy Drag Bingo tickets, but luckily, called first to find out they hadn't come in yet. I will try again tomorrow.

Class was interesting. Two people have asked for extensions on their projects, and not surprising who the two were. We spent a lot more time talking about our projects than we should have because we, once again, did not get through Brad's lecture material. The total class time for this class is really going to be small this semester. We've missed three classes already, and next week is Spring break, and then in April we're going to miss again due to the Easter holiday.

I met Steven at Carmichael, and we did the elliptical machines for 30 minutes. I heard a little about his group meeting tonight, which was interesting. Once again, our walk flew by. I was particularly glad to have "a workout buddy" tonight, or I know I would have blown off my workout. Now, of course, I'm glad I did it.

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