DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Breakfast with Donna, and running into Norma...

I met Donna at Bruegger's on Strickland at 10:00 for breakfast. We had a good chat, and while we were there, Norma walked in with her son Greg. We sat and chatted with her for a while. It was great to see her.

I got a lot of things caught up today, and spent four solid hours working on my project for Thursday's class, my Website Information Plan. I'm pretty pleased with it, and have just three more sections to complete before Thursday. I sent it out to the other folks in the class.

Steve checked in, and we agreed to meet at Flex at 10:30. I got there a little after 10, and Joe, Ben, Dale, Andy, and John were all playing pool, so I hung out with them. I played one game, as Ben's partner, against Joe and Dale who had won all the games to that point, and I didn't hit in one (not one!) of our balls (solids). Then the final shot at the 8-ball came to me, and I hit it in. Who knew???

Steve arrived at about 10:45, and then Matt came. I had met Matt 3 years ago at Legends, when I was there with Irene. He was so cute, and I immediately thought, "Please let him be 21." Then I saw there huge black X's on the back of his hand, and knew he wasn't even 21 yet. We dirty danced for a while, and I thought he was just about the sweetest thing. He was not out, or just coming out to a few people at the time, living in Virginia, Danville, I think, and was driving back to Va. that night. I gave him a porno tape (one of Rob's gazillions), that I had in the back seat of my car for some queer reason.

He remembered me (and that I was with a girl), but didn't remember the tape at all. Anyhow, he's 23 now, and still just as cute as a button. And hairy. My god is he hairy. Yum. Steve teased him a little, and he (Matt) eventually left with some guy.

Joe and I made our way over to CCs, and I proceeded to drink entirely too much, leaving there around 3, driving when I really shouldn't have been. Fortunately, I made it home without incident.

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