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Capturing a couple of letters...

To: My Financial Advisor
Subject: Your call

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your call. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Yes, please put the $3000 ROTH contribution in that same fund.

I went to one of IBM's financial planning seminars yesterday (put on by your buddies over at Merrill Lynch). They got me to thinking about a couple of things that we should discuss in our April meeting. I'll write them out before then to give you some time to think about them.

Also, for the last three weeks I have been tracking my "cash" spending, which has been at times fun, and at times, annoying, but I am finding out where my cash is going, updating Quicken with it, and will have a report of my expenses over the last 6 months (11/03 -- 04/04) when we meet in April. (Let's just say that the initial findings are that I'm spending more than I thought I was on drinks at the bars, though, in Quicken, I've created the expense category of Entertainment:Clubs as opposed to Etertainment:Drinking.

Did we set up an appointment for April? If so, I don't see it in my Palm Pilot. How does 5:00 on Tuesday the 20th grab you?


And this one on gay marriage:


This letter was send to me by my friends Jay and Dennis. The author lives across the street from them. Please share it with others.


Friends: Our neighbor Steve Davis, who is the CEO of Corbis, shared the following letter -- which he wrote and sent to the White House -- with us.

In turn, I am sharing it with you, and urging you to speak up as courageously on this issue as he. It's time to challenge the hypocrisy of our times.



Subject: Invitation to President Bush and his family

February 24, 2004

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

I could not avoid you tonight as your support for a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage blared throughout the airport lounge via CNN. As I listened to your confusing messages about family and values and politics, I shared sadness with my fellow travelers about your continuing fear-driven approach to leadership. Your defense of traditional marriage rang hollow; rather, it was a poor endorsement for discrimination, ignorance and your conservative political base.

Uncharacteristically, I decided not to be angry, offended or cynical. Rather, I desperately want to understand you and your allies on this issue, and take the high road in that engagement.

So I invite you, Laura and your daughters to spend a day with my family and explain why you are championing such a cause.

Spend a day with my life partner of 24 years who is one of the most remarkable human beings you'll ever have the privilege of meeting. A public school teacher, Bob has spent his life inspiring students and parents alike with his commitment to a values-laden and creative approach to learning, serving as a strong life-changing role model for countless young at-risk city kids over the years.

Spend a day with our energetic and cheerful seven year-old son Ben. Ben will treat you to an active day full of homework, piano lessons, lego projects, friends, chores, soccer and baseball. Fully steeped in the values of love, sharing, friendship and learning, Ben is immensely proud of his two adoring and engaged parents, and wonderfully enriched by a diverse and supportive neighborhood.

Spend a day with our extraordinary community of friends and neighbors, who reflect the America of today and the future - mixed in race, language, background, family structures and ideas - but united in their deep commitment to our children, to creating a better future, to loving our country and to enjoying the richness of life.

Spend a day with our extended family that has supported us with unconditional love through good times and bad. Our parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews spread around the country form the foundation of our world. Over the years we have celebrated countless joyous holidays and celebrations together, as well as helping them in endless ways through illnesses, financial problems, divorces, and other family dramas.

Spend a day with us as we engage in our community as a family and as individuals, as we actively volunteer at Ben's school, as we have headed up the local United Way, and as we have worked tirelessly with many community organizations to improve the lives of our less-fortunate neighbors. Come join us as we sing and pray in church together.

Spend the day with me as the CEO of a fast-growing global digital media company who understands the economic interests of supporting stable communities and families, who must create a vibrant 21st century inclusive workforce through rigorous recruiting and non-discriminatory practices, and who is forever seeking that elusive family-life-work balance.

Spend the day with us as we explain to our son, his friends and cousins, why the world can be a fragile place where people do bad things out of ignorance and fear, where people hate people for silly reasons, where leaders abuse power for political gain at the expense of innocent folks, and where people waste enormous emotion and energy on side issues when domestic and child abuse, poverty, racism, divorce and inadequate health care - the issues truly threatening the American family - go unattended.

Mr. President, please come spend a day with us. And then, over our evening family meal, after we have given our nightly thanks to our loving and hate-free God, explain to this same-sex household just what family values you are defending for the future of America.


Steve Davis
Seattle, Washington

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