DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Jim's Party...

We had ham and eggs for breakfast. Robert ran out to the spa and to a couple of places looking for urns -- with no luck. We looked at some on-line, which are a possibility.

We went to eat at Red Lobster, but the wait was too long. We tried Fire Mountain. It was buffet only, and we didn't want to eat that much. We went to Remington's and had a great dinner of a Pork BBQ Platter.

We got to dancing just after 8, and there were very few dancers there until about 9:00. Dancing was fun, as usual. We "drank to Jim."

After dancing was the Mr. Flex conatest, and we stuck around for that because Tony entered in the Western category. We practiced some questions with him. I said, "Okay if they ask you, 'How would you solve world peace?' you say, "I'd give everyone a piece." They ended up asking ridiculous questions like, "If you had to 'do' someone on the Flex staff, who would you do and why?" Tony ended up bolting before they called his name up there.

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