DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Shopping URNestly...

I got home a little after 6:00; the traffic was bad on I-40. I got off on the first exit, drove to 54, took it until Aviation Parkway, and took that back to I-40. 54E was not a good alternate route.

When I got home, Robert was cleaning my bathrooms -- bless him!

We went to El Dorado at City Market for dinner, since we had a coupon for buy one meal, get one free. Robert filled me in on the "pulling of the plug" yesterday, which was very interesting -- the awkward preacher, the "dog-talk," and the final, lightly auidable gasp.

We went to Target, where I returned my gym bag, and the flannel sheets I bought a week or so ago. That gym bag, the 2nd time I used it, the zipper separated, and it wouldn't get back on track. The sheets, it was a "queen" set (go figure) with a top sheet, bottom sheet, and two pillowcases. Unfortunately, when I took them out to put in the wash before I used them, there was no bottom sheet in the set. Not a good "quality" trip to Target last week.

While there, Robert looked for an urn for his brother's ashes. We didn't see anything that was "just right," so drove over to the "Bombay" store nearby. Surprisingly, they had no brass in there, and not anything appropriate at all. We walked across the street and down some to Pier 1. There were a couple of possibilities there, the best being a nice leather box with a top to it. That one is "on hold" until Robert checks others. We actually had some great laughs doing this errand -- from discounting cookie jars to ceramic atrocities that would never do.

At home, we both read -- I some homework, he Talking God.

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