DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Michael Rock rocks...

My 1:00 meeting was canceled today. Yippee! The managers needed to have an emergency personnel meeting (which can't be good), and since most of them had my meeting on their calendar, it was the only time they could all get together.

I did a little research on the web for my homework to see if anyone was actually putting the PAM methodology into practice, since it was touted as being so successful in Schriver's book. I found one example, which was pretty lame, but tried nonetheless, by three employees of Computer Associates. What was lame about it was the poorly documented result.

I attended the Design School's lecture by the acclaimed graphic designer Michael Rock. He spoke for just a few minutes, and then went through 400 slides in an hour presentation of the work he and his colleagues are doing at 2x4. This was some of the most thought provoking visual material I have seen in a long, long time. It made me think of something I'd be good at had I'd known about the field in my youth. The opportunity for creativity is just monstrous. I particularly loved how "Chapter 5 grew out of the gutter." This turned out to be one of those things that I was so ambivalent about, alternately going then not going, up until about 45 minutes before when I finally made up my mind to attend. Thank goodness.

I didn't attend the reception after the lecture, as it was 6:50, and I wanted to run by the university pharmacy and grab a bite to eat before my 7:30 class. As it turned out, though the Health Department is open until 9PM, the pharmacy closes at 5PM. I'll try again tomorrow.

I ran to Wendy's with the full intent of getting a mandarin chicken salad for dinner. As I came up to the door, who should be sitting near the window eating dinner? Adam and Van. I knocked on the window, said hello once in, and got in line. I was going to join them to eat my salad. As it turned out, the line took forever. There was one party of four (with 3 kids) taking a lifetime to order, and then three college students ahead of me. (The one right in front of me had on shorts with the nicest legs.) By the time I got to order, it was 7:10. I got a burger and fries to go, and ate it in the car driving to class.

Class was pretty fun, in spite of missy with her "like" and "you know what I'm saying?" Grrrrr. People in that class, though, really need to think about "conciseness." I can't believe the number of times they repeat their points when either making a point or asking a question. Say it one way, once, and be done with it.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home, primarily to get some milk.

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