DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Do you have a spare key? Do you have it with you?

My car antenna is being fixed today; hurray! Courtney picked me up at Triangle Car Care (TCC) just after 8:00. We had a fun ride into work, which was new but familiar. Familiar in that it was the ride into work, new that we went by highway 70, and the ride in was fun. Always laughs with Courtney. I mailed her a thank you card on Monday thanking her for her gift of laughter in our friendship.

We had a very busy day at work with Kim visiting. Very productive and invaluable that she made a trip here to plan this rebranding. It would never have been done on time and well without this meeting.

Sharon took me to TCC on her way home. We arrived at 5:25; it closes at 5:30. Just in time. She said, "Should I wait?"

"No. Everything's done; I called. Thanks."

"Mr. Martin your keys are locked in the car. We understood that you wouldn't make it here before we closed today. Misunderstood. I had to wait until about 5:50 for them to take care of the last customer and lock up the shop.

The owner, Bobby, drove me to my townhouse. It wasn't too bad a drive considering the fair traffic around the Hillsborough Street exit on the beltline. I ran in and fortunately my spare key was where I thought it was.

We had a good chat on the way back to the shop. I found out that he has 2 or 3 sons, one 17 and one 18, neither of whom are interested in taking over the business (as he had from his father and grandfather). I asked him if that bothered him, would he like one of his sons to take it over. "I only want them to do work they love and make enough money to provide for themselves." Good attitude.

He told me about the work he did (as an Independent Garage Owner and the association of the same name) lobbying to keep from getting new emissions testing equipment that would have been price-prohibitive for a high percentage of service stations, would have cost the citizens $30 for their inspection, and long lines due to a cut in the numbers of stations providing the service. He also told me about having to tell people he can't inspect their cars because their property insurance isn't paid, as that's all checked by computer now through their registration. Unfun.

Later that evening I met Gregor at Third Place, and as usual we had a wonderful chat. Always a pleasure.

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